Le Bazar Palace

Le Bazar Palace

Immersive installation theatre

Constance Biasotto founded Le Bazar Palace in 2007 after completing her training at FAI-AR; since then, the company has produced in situ performances at the crossroads of theatre and installation.


Her artistic endeavours are specifically transdisciplinary and rest upon a variety of performance venues or places, as well as on critical observation of societal tendencies.

“What we create here is our own disciplinary framework, mixing theatre, video, dance, song, sports, circus and visual arts together. In keeping with our artistic approach and intention, we choose to take over theatre halls, natural or urban spaces but also any event room, hotel, priority neighbourhood, health care institution…


We design theatrical devices and features that allow for constant renewal when it comes to sharing our work with the public.


Coming together is the primary focus of our artistic process; meeting the audience actively federates our work.”