Le Bazar Palace



Our shared cultural heritage is made up of our Patrimony (what comes from our fathers) and our Matrimony (what comes from our mothers). Living in Arles, in a city of heritage, means asking the question of heritage every day. What is passed on to us – materially and immaterially – by our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, nannies, etc.?
Equality between women and men requires this heritage to be revalued.
By rehabilitating the notion of Matrimoine – both the word and the women who make it up – we are reclaiming our heritage, and finding another library in the chamber of our culture. With this project, you want to make that library available for all to see.

Les nébuleuses is a local artistic project based around three major themes: transmission, heritage and encounters.


The project was run by three local organisations: the association La Collective, a resource centre for women and girls, the Departemental Museum Arles Ancient and ourselves.

It ran for 6 weeks and was aimed at three generations of women: teenagers and young women, working women and older women.

The workshops took place on the Collective’s premises, and the museum gave us the opportunity to present a final performance in the very heart of its collections, in an itinerant form, closer to the artistic sensibility of the Bazar Palace.

Constance BIASOTTO / conception, direction, writing of the performance

Sophie ZANONE / actress

Olivier BRUN / lighting design

Louisa FOURAGE / multi-purpose production

and the team at the MDAA and the association La Collective

and all the participants: Maribel, Laura, Fati, Paulette, Fatima, Laura, Pauline, Sylvie, Véronique, Amira…


Departmental Museum of Ancient Arles

City of Arles

Association La Collective

November 2023