Le Bazar Palace



In European mythologies, the figure of the man is associated with the solar star, a symbol of power and strength. Women are naturally associated with the moon for its cyclical and mystical aspect. The moon is at the origin of the tides, a well-known and above all visible phenomenon.  But above all, through its power of attraction, the moon has a regulating effect on the Earth’s axis of rotation. Without it, our planet would rotate chaotically around the Sun. It is from this complementary duality that we draw our inspiration.

We then imagined a light hybrid form between storytelling, theatre and documentary performance that tells what connects women to the world. In 36 minutes and 6 scenes, this show takes stock of the place women occupy in school literature textbooks, in the media and in language. From Bluebeard to Rose Valland and a few « witches », this singular proposal is aimed at all audiences.

The public enter and take their seats. The stage is completely framed by sumptuous red curtains. Two actresses, on stage, welcome them. Then, after the spectators’ agreement, the show starts… and it’s off for 36 minutes…

The show unfolds in 6 scenes, the start and end of which are determined by the sound of a bell, just like the books we read whose « ding » indicates that we should turn the page. These 6 scenes propose in turn 6 different themes around the place of women: in school textbooks, in the media, in the Resistance, in History, in language, in the imagination. The rhythm is breathtaking, the stories follow one another. This singular and poetic object offers an intelligible and sensitive documentary reading on a subject at the heart of our society.

Constance BIASOTTO / concept, writing, acting

Sophie ZANONE / concept, writing, acting

Olivier BRUN / light design

Louisa FOURAGE / production

Joey / trainee

Théâtre de Cuisine/ set constructor



Institutions : Ville d’Arles, Département des Bouches-du-Rhône

Last but not least : Le Théâtre de Cuisine – Marseille et Le Théâtre de l’Unité – Audincourt

Mars 2023 : Tournée dans les collèges et dans le département des Bouches-du-Rhône

Automne 23 / Hiver 2024 : Tournée en cours de construction